Cultural Actions

Let art enter in life with Cultural Actions

In connection with each of her artistic creations , Céline Pradeu -Kanagasabai makes sure systematically that cultural actions can take place. They may consist of training courses and workshops of artistic practice, public rehearsals and educational projects in relationship with the performances. They allow privileged exchanges with the public and enhance the « active » part played by the spectators. They concern diversified audiences from 0 to 99, and can take place in cultural or community centres.

Let’s list:

For CPK-30 ans, several public rehearsals and workshops in Charente, with handicapped people, secondary school children and all audiences.

For Hybride, several public rehearsals and workshops in Notre-Dame d’Oé (Centre), in Charente, in India and in Sri-Lanka with handicapped persons, children, professional dancers and all audiences.

Presently, in connection with «  Ballet in a Pocket Handkerchief » ( with the Compagnie MinosKropic), awakening practice to dancing in several crèches in Ile-de-France, amounting to 8 to 18 performances a year.


« In my dance courses and personal training, I use the basics of contemporary dance, Body, Space, Time, Flow, Weight, which I enrich and enhance with other influences gleaned, here and there, all along my experiences… Indian dance, Flamenco, drama… I also use improvisation, composition and repertory work to make the different audiences I meet, dance (the very young, the children, teenagers, adults, amateurs, professionals…). A different project for each audience. My objectives vary according to the audiences’ age and to the circumstances ( material, geographical ….). What is a dancer ? He ‘s the one who manages to organize a movement according to given limits, whether rhythmical , or inherent to space, or intellectual. What about dance ? It is an art of the intimate. It makes use of the body as only means of expression and invites whoever wants to dance to come into relationship with oneself in order to peacefully merge into the movement «  in process of organization ». I always keep that in mind in my educational approach. »

Some time after her training as a dancer Céline Pradeu-Kanagasabai starts her educationl training at the National Centre of Dance (C N D ) with Anne-Marie Reynaud, Brigitte Hyon, Nathalie Schulman, Marina Rocco, Sylvia Baggio, Thierry Bazin. This training is an opportunity for her to start deep reflection about danced movement with the purpose of transmitting it, and also it confirms how much teaching appeals to her. She gets her State Diploma in Contemporary Dancing in 2000, and since then, she has been teaching, every year, in associations, conservatories, schools, universities, in France and abroad, proposing regular or training courses or master-classes.

Since 2012, she has also been working regularly in crèches and infancy structures, in relationship with her artistic work for the very young audience.

Since 2011, she has been guiding actors by proposing them body work to help them in their relationship with their play and the text.

In 2014, Céline became a trainer for the staff in libraries, associations and infancy structures.


Atelier de Bharatemporain-Université de Matara - Sri-Lanka

Atelier de Bharatemporain-Université de Matara – Sri-Lanka

Training courses and workshops

Awakening to dancing from the age of 3 months : performances in crèches, child minders centres, youth centres with the staff in charge of infancy; in libraries, performances are proposed to the parents and children together.

First dance practice from the age of 3 years : in schools, arts centres

Contemporary dance training courses : for beginners, intermediate and advanced people, and professionals.

Bharatemporain training courses : all levels, (introduction to contemporary dancing, and introduction to bharata-natyam).

Bharata-natyam training courses: for beginners and intermediates (traditionnal teaching, transmission of basics, adavus )

Flamenco training courses : for beginners (teaching of the basic notions : foot stamping, hand clapping , compas )

Dance training courses for actors : beginners, intermediates, confirmed actors, professionals (focusing on body awareness, self awareness first, then applied to the character, how to link gestures and the text, gestures and voice, the text and space.)

Dance training courses for musicians : for beginners, intermediates, confirmed musicians, professionals (becoming conscious of the relationship between one’s body and the instrument, postures while playing, improvisation between dance and music, body rhythm).

These training courses and workshops are organized on request of the different structures, or can be found on page Agenda in this website. The contents can be detailed on simple request .